Totem, Private Collection. Rio de Janeiro​, Brazil
Totem, Sylvia Helena F. Padilha Collection. Rio de Janeiro​, Brazil.
Art by Ileana Hochmann, Brazil Embassy in Rome (collection)
Knots in the Silver River/Rio de la Plata. Brazil Embassy Collection in Rome (Pallazzo Pamphilij), Italy.
Serigraphy Ileana Hochman. Private Collection. Koln, Germany.
Sutura I, Ricardo Alves de Barros Collection. Koln, Germany.
printing object art by Ileana Hochmann
Connection Color Paper Stone, Issac Zaharias e Teresa Cristina Collection. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Serigraphy Ileana Hochmann: The letter. Private colletion. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The letter. Lucía Luis Pinto Colletion. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Serigraphy Ileanna Hochmann. Private Collection. Koln, Germany
Sutura lI, Ricardo Alves de Barros Collection. Koln, Germany.
Art object Illeana Hochman. Monica George Kornis Collection. Brazil
Paper Heart, Monica and George Kornis Collection. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Contemporary Art by Ileana Hochmann. Private Collection, Buenos Aires, Argentina
My heart died in black. Jacobo Fitterman Collection. Alon Fundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Contemporary art by Ileana Hochmann. Alon Fundation Collection. Baires, Argentina
My heart died in ​white​. Jacobo Fitterman Collection. Alon Fundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Brazil Denmark Collection, Ileana Hochmann serigraphy
Without title. Heritage from the Brazil Embassy in Copenhaguen, Denmark​.
90 Gallery Collection. Object art by Ileana Hochmann
It's a stick, It's a stone. 90 Gallery Contemporary Art Collection, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Object Art by Ileana Hochmann. Private Collection. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Triptych, Laura de Mello e Souza and​ Mauricio Accioly. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The letter. Art by Ileana Hochmann. Irma Arestizábal collection.
​The letter - Irma Arestizábal collection. (Curator of the "Latin American Pavilion" at the Venice Biennale from 2003 until 2009). Rome, Italy.
Heritage from the Fine Arts​ National Museum. Serigraphy Ileana Hochmann
Stones over Stones. Ancient Jewish Cemetery of Prague. Heritage from the Fine Arts​ National Museum. Manager Paulo Heckenhoff. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Prints and objects of Ileana Hochmann are heritage, acquisitions and private collections in Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Denmark and Italy. Two of her works are in the most important collection of prints and works on paper from Brazil: “Monica and George Kornis Collection”.
I followed carefully and systematically Ileana working process: its extensive exploration of the limits of the matrix, the incorporation of the printed surface such as engraving area, the incorporation of the word such as calligraphy and drawing, sensitive exploration of the space between the bi-dimensionalidad and the tri-dimensionality, transparencies and opacity overlays, and finally, the intense assimilation of photography in the construction of a new field of possibilities for screen printing so stigmatized. It is no small and accidental. It is not irrelevant”.
George E. M. Kornis (Brazil). Written in Buenos Aires, march 2006